About us


K -SAP Total Solutions is the sole and exclusive distributor of CaseWare IDEA software and all related plug-ins for southern Africa.

We have been the distributor partner for Caseware Analytics, the global developer of CaseWare IDEA since 2003 and service the region as well as play an integral role liaising with the developers in Ottawa to improve the product offering.

K-SAP is a vendor to JSE listed firms in the private sector and a preferred vendor for government organizations and ministries in the public sector for 13 countries in Africa.

An updated tax clearance certificate from SA Revenue Services is available to all clients.

K-SAP is rated as a Level 1 contributor with a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) procurement recognition of 135%.

Product and Service Offering

Our services include distribution of CaseWare IDEA in 13 countries, full support to our entire user base, consulting services as well as presentation of a wide range of IDEA training courses.

K-SAP Total Solutions is also the exclusive distributor of SmartExporter for southern Africa. SmartExporter is a German designed product that is the only software solution needed to export and automatically prepare SAP data. It allows users to access the exact SAP data required for easy and quick analysis and also converts the required data directly into an IDEA database format.

K-SAP Total Solutions also supply Caseware Monitor for Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) solutions which is used for automating the control testing for a specific business cycle. This typically requires software licensing, implementation, consulting and training which is provided by highly qualified and experienced team personnel.

K-SAP distributes IDEA, Smart Exporter and Laser GRC software under exclusive licenses in the following countries:

1. South Africa7. Mozambique
2. Botswana8. Seychelles
3. Namibia9. Madagascar
4. Lesotho10. Swaziland
5. Malawi11. Zambia
6. Mauritius12. Zimbabwe
13. Reunion

K-SAP’s services include the following:

  • Sales of IDEA, Smart Exporter, Smart Analyzer and Caseware Monitor software.
  • Help Desk Support for registered users of Supported Clients. The K-SAP helpdesk provides email and telephonic support for trained users.  Second tier support is also provided where clients will have Ottawa helpdesk support via email or video conferencing. Registered users also have access to the knowledge base located on the international IDEA website. This also allows for support calls to be logged.
  • Co-ordination and Presentation of computer based (CBT) Training courses to clients throughout the distribution region as well as customisation of course content to suit the client’s environment. K-SAP provides various training courses for IDEA in southern Africa on a regular basis.
  • Consulting Services: Customisation and automation of clients’ data requirements within Internal Audit and Forensic divisions and playing a key role in assisting organisations to move towards paperless based audits using Computer Assisted Audit Tool (CAAT) software. Our consultants also offer automation and customisation requirements for clients with the use of IDEA Script.
  • Guest lecturer for Higher Diploma in Accounting and Auditing, Information Systems and Auditing Honours students at tertiary institutions.

K-SAP Mission

We have established clients in every sector over the last 15 years and are a trusted vendor in audit and financial management reporting software. In the current tough economic climate, K-SAP is continuously striving to demonstrate IDEA’s user-friendliness and highly effective functionality and to offer it as the most cost-effective solution in its market offering.

Given K-SAP’s success in every industry sector, our growth strategy is to expand the usage of IDEA to all organizations and ensure that financial and audit management benefit from the superlative functionality and cost-effective offering that sets IDEA apart.

The presentation of computer-based IDEA training workshops have always been a competitive advantage of our company’s offering. Our training facilitators have a combined 25-year experience period and skill set and have worked closely with clients form both private and public sectors. Our courses ensure that users are able to effectively utilize and implement the software functionalities to derive maximum benefit from the organisation’s investment.