CaseWare Continuous Monitoring

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Continuous Monitor Brochure

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Continuous transaction monitoring
CaseWare Monitor is a continuous controls monitoring solution that puts you ahead of risks so you can prevent control failures from repeating. Monitor is a single controls platform that enables stakeholders to independently monitor controls and transactions across multiple businesses and systems by detecting breakdowns in internal controls. Upon spotting a potential failure, Monitor immediately alerts stakeholders and engages them to remediate the issue before it causes damage. The platform goes even further, collecting critical information and metrics to determine the root cause of the failure and recommends actions that should be taken to address it, helping your organization stay ahead of risks.

A comprehensive solution
Monitor is the best and most innovative controls monitoring platform on the market because it delivers all of the capabilities you need to achieve compliance, mitigate risk and improve the performance of your business. Its wide-ranging functionality includes data management and analytics; workflow, collaboration and case management; and visual insights.

Open design and universal application
CaseWare Monitor is ideal for accessing and monitoring data from any platform including ERPs, custom-made applications, P-Card and T&E systems, core banking and insurance applications. No matter the source, this platform can monitor all of these business processes and effectively improve compliance and controls. Monitor includes pre-built solutions for your industry that readily monitor key controls and deliver key insights, offering your business a direct route to an ROI. Additionally, the technology’s open design also allows users to build customized controls using established scripting tools such as IDEA®. CaseWare Monitor is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive, offering a streamlined user experience that makes it simple to use, even for those new to the platform.
ROI that gets noticed
By detecting issues before they become costly problems, Monitor saves your organization from incurring costs spent trying to recover those proceeds. Businesses using Monitor for compliance purposes are also able to provide assurance to regulators, helping them avoid potentially hefty fines for non-compliance.

Take control
Monitor is ideally suited to a variety of industries and solutions, including purchase card program management, anti-money laundering, payroll auditing, banking, money services businesses, online gaming and casinos, and more. With Monitor your organization can improve controls, governance and efficiencies to positively impact ROI and profitability.